How We Made Our Dreams Come True

“You know what, we should sell that stuff.”

My husband, Phil, said this to me a year and a half year ago as we drove away from one of the first vinyl stores we ever stepped foot in. And boy was he right.

At the time, I had been working with a silhouette cameo machine making projects for family and friends for about two years. I was ordering all of my vinyl online and was in a bind when my orders didn’t arrive on time. I was quickly building up more and more business as my family and friends told other people about the projects I had made for them and when I would run out of vinyl at the last minute I had nowhere locally to get it. How frustrating!

“Okay. So, let’s talk business.”

We spent the entire drive home that day (over 4 hours) talking logistics of this crazy, out of nowhere idea.

  • Where are we going to get our vinyl?
  • How much do we need to start with?
  • Where are we going to set up shop?
  • Why does this sound so fun?!

These are only a few of the first thoughts that came to mind.

One of the things I appreciate about Phil is his ability to take crazy ideas and make them into real possibilities. That 4 hour long “business meeting” was the start to this amazing, whirlwind of a journey!

My husband is quite the researcher, I must tell you. He worked all day just to come home and research all night. And before we knew it, this crazy idea was becoming a real possibility with each passing day.

We saved and researched and finally in June of 2016 we bought our first bulk order of Oracal Adhesive and Siser HTV. We were so excited that we drove to our supplier, that is one state over, and picked it up ourselves! Within two weeks we were open and operating our new family business out of a spare bedroom in our home.

We were floored by the response we received from our family and friends. So many of them had been working with vinyl for years and we never even knew! Our business grew so much faster than we could have ever prayed for. Each month we were adding new products and new vinyl colors for our customers and even worked our way up to buying a 64-in. wide-format printer so we that could print our own patterned vinyl! Exciting, right?!

We ended up taking over 3 rooms in the house for this business, but you know what? We didn’t mind at all. This has been a blessing from the start so we looked at the over-flowing rooms of vinyl as a sign that we might just be ready to venture into something new…

June 14, 2016 – We first announced this business to our friends and family.

July 1, 2016  – We opened this business out of our home.

June 14, 2017 – We announced on Facebook that we would soon be opening an actual store front.

July 8, 2017 – We had our grand opening out of our new location in Northport, AL!

It’s crazy how things work out sometimes!

Our new location is about 3 times the size showroom area as it was at the house, so you know what that means….new inventory! We brought in so many new items that it almost looks like we will outgrow this place soon too! That is definitely not a bad thing though. We brought in t-shirts, phone holders, jewelry, shoes, tumbler cups, cutting machine tools and SO MUCH MORE. All of which can be customizable, which is even more fun!

These first few weeks in our store front have been amazing but let me tell you, I would not change our first year out of our home for anything. Because we made the decision to open from our home, we were able to build a thriving client base, form relationships, and meet some amazing people.


We honestly would not have been able to open our doors weeks ago if not for the incredible customers we have. We just want to express our gratitude to each and every one of you for joining us on this journey. We hope you’ll stick around!

 – Ruth